Arianne Green

Ari's experience in sales business and customer service is nothing new. Being well respected in the community Ari is not only known for running her local business of the past 10 years The Zen Den Yoga Studio but also for her uncompromising integrity. A mother to three children in the Margate School District she manages to balance her time between being a yoga teacher business owner and realtor seamlessly. Ari is passionate about helping achieve the goals of all of her clients and always brings peace of mind to both home sellers and buyers. By making the leap to Real Estate Ari has found professional success early on. Thanks to her loyal clientele and personal referrals she sold her first million dollar property within the first 3 months in the business and has since obtained more than $10 000 000 in listings within the first 9 months. She also sold over $9 500 000 in real estate within her first 18 months in the business. Ari is committed to continuing her education in Real Estate and is always looking for an opportunity to learn. In her spare time she enjoys creating ways to inspire her students and clients skateboarding with her boys practicing handstands with her daughter and camping with her family in their Airstream.