Lori Rubenstein

This all began when I was a little girl and I watch my mom do a lot of building and remolding. It was fascinated to see her creativity in everything my mom did. Very detail oriented.I moved many times and started with a townhouse that I tore everything to the studs the entire townhouse. My husband said what did we buy and I told him to come back in a month and you will be very pleased. It was gorgous and my husband didn't recognize it and he told me how proud he was of me. That the town house was magnificent. We only lived there for year to move to another home that we bought.This was a semi-custom but still plenty of choices to make. After we made settlement I can't tell you how many problems we had with this home. They all got resolved because I am a problem solver and I have plenty of patience. We lived their for 10-11 years and decided to move into a custom home. I worked with an architect for 3-5 months I did make it exactly what I was trying to achieve and putting into account my whole families needs well. A year later my children were not happy in the new school district so the saying is " your are only as happy as your last child". I decided to move again right down the street in the district that was a better fit for all my children. I built two 10 000 square feet homes in three year. That is some task. I loved every moment of it . We continue to move into another home just recently . We also have one home in South Jersey that I built about 2 years ago. Eventually with all this experience three years ago I decided to go for my NJ Real Estate license first then the PA. I raised my children and now it was time for my career and now I am also taking a brokers course in NJ. I would like to one day own my own Real Estate Company. I also did commercial real estate. We have a Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt Store that I did the built out and all the decor that I went into making this store stand out from the rest. We will be open 4 years in MAY. A family run store no absentee management. MY goals and my aspirations are making people happy I love what I do and it brings me joy to other people when they find that perfect property. I know that I am doing my Job and I will be there for them every step of the way until we reach our goals and that is settlement. The checks are cut and the house is their's and the sellers have their money. Whatever it takes we will get to settlement. Patience problem solving communicating and honesty. I will give you my clients full fiduciary responsibilities and always put my buyers or sellers first before my own needs. Sincerely Lori Rubenstein