Matthew Vassallo

The challenge of making a full-time and personal commitment to you is something that not all realtors are up for. You want a realtor who will make the process of buying or selling a home easy and worry-free. As a real estate broker who has 32 years experience in the local housing market and a long record of successfully guiding clients with their home buying needs I specialize in bringing peace of mind to clients with my professionalism knowledge and integrity.

My leisure time revolves mostly around health and nutrition. In the winter its mostly in the gym. When the weather breaks youll find me adding runs on the boardwalk and invigorating early morning swims in the ocean. Im usually relaxed reading a good book on nutrition or cooking experimenting with new recipes and green drinks and nurturing my organic garden. I truly believe in running your own race being careful not to get too caught up in the frenetic lifestyle that accompanies being a successful realtor.